Jak wrażenia z Polsko-Amerykańskiego Bistro? Podziel się smacznymi detalami, ale ostrzegam, czytelniku, te opowieści mogą wywołać nagły atak głodu!

Wonderful food! I can vouch for the meat pierogi, the sauerkraut/mushroom pierogi, the potato pancakes, the goulash, the salad--even the dill pickles are great. Had a glass of nice Cabernet, too. Will definitely be going back to try more of their menu. Pleasant ambience--very nice staff.

In discussion of a place to eat tonight, I decided to try the new reincarnation of Remembering Charlottes: Polish American Bistro! Called and spoke with Darek, The Owner, who let us know our 4:30PM reservation was accepted. We Showed up a few minutes late, and the place was already filling up. Our Table was set to go. Eventually Anna, the Chef & Owner stopped by to introduce us some items not in the menu. We were served Compote, a very traditional option to Non-Alcoholic drinks; Definitely homemade and quite refreshing, we ordered more. Our appetizers consisted of Potato & cheese Pierogi, Cheese Curds, my Son's opted for Tripe Soup, a delicacy which they completely enjoyed and told me they would order it again. My sons entree was Meat Pierogi, The rest of us chose Breaded Pork Cutlets, with mashed potatoes; all dishes came with three sides of Cabbage, Carrot & Cucumber Salads, properly prepared and seasoned ( my in laws, parents and Family Tradition would be proud!) The portions were not on the timid size. Some of us needed to get take away containers, which meant another time to enjoy these meals. The previous owner, Brian was also in attendance!
Had a chance to catch up, introduced him to my family. Happy to have a great tasting wonderful venue to enjoy in the heart of my hometown! Looking forward to trying more! Btw, when we left, there was a queue for having a spot to eat! Darek & Anna have got a winner! Smacznego & Nazdrowie!

My boyfriend and I decided to try this place after seeing a lot of good feed back on yelp. After a long drive in traffic, and a confusing journey to find the restaurant after we parked, we finally found it. Upon entering there were tons of smiles from the waiter and a warm greeting, we were seated in a nice cozy corner. We got two appetizers, we got the gogi mandoo and the dak bun. The gogi mandoo tasted like the best fried potsticker I have ever had. The dak bun was unreal.. simply amazing. The best appetizer i have had in a long time, in fact one of the best foods i have ever ate.. Be sure to use loads of the sauce they provide with the dak buns. For a entree my boyfriend and I split the Bo Ssam, which was fantastic. The waiter made sure to show us how to properly eat and prepare the lettuce wraps in the correct way, which was a very kind gesture. We ate the whole thing (a whole lot of pork belly!!) For dessert we showed our server the yelp check in coupon for free donuts and he was happy to provide them! He brought them up fast and hot, and they were fantastic! There was not a bad thing with this place that we encountered! We will definitely be returning!